...to achieve true HEALTH, VIBRANCE, and just get BETTER at LIFE!

Move Simple and effective. Do less and achieve more.
Eat Learn to fuel your body with nutritious and whole foods. Locally sourcing the best food and understanding the difference between products and food.
Thrive Training your lifestyle. Lifestyle factors absolutely affect your health and help you to achieve your goals.
Connect Support, community and accountability. You are not alone on your journey to health.

"...to me, BTPC is not just a gym, it's a lifestyle and a family that wants you to be the best you can be; mind, body and soul. I'm a bit shocked at the things I can do and I love that!" "...It is not your typical gym, it is a center that equipped me to better myself, by using physical activity, healthier activity and giving me the support that is necessary to help climb back to that spot in my life where I could enjoy more things and start planning for more adventures..." "...I started feeling stronger. I slowly started feeling better....My clothing started feeling looser. The kettle bells started feeling lighter and I actually started using the bigger ones. I developed new skills from the ever changing workouts. I was learning more about exercise. I was learning more about how I felt. As more time went on, I started taking fewer medications...."
Are you ready to BREAK THROUGH?